Monday, July 20, 2009

Some better pictures of the striped fabrics

I managed to take some pictures of the blue striped fabric I was talking about in the last post, here they are:

And here is a close up:

I really like this fabric, but I still have a hard time deciding between this one and the light blue silk taffeta. Both are so terrific.

I've made a list of pros and cons for both fabrics:

Silk taffeta:
+ Historically accurate
+ I t will go with more than one gown
+ Natural material
- price tag is a bit high (I would need about 7 yads to make a petticoat + ruchings for the gown and petticoat and that would cost me about 730 SEK)
- It's ebay, I'm a bit worried that the silk fabric willl be a dupioni and therefore be not accurate after all...

Striped fabric
+ Natural material (cotton)
+ Low price (59 SEK/M)
+ I really love the pattern
+ I found it in a local shop
- Not 100% historiacally accurate
- Very bold fabric, might give a clown effect togheter with the other fabric that my gown wil be made of


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