Friday, January 8, 2010

Pet en l'air - Part six - Premiere at th 12th night ball

Believe me, dear readers I really had the intention to share my sewing process on the pet en l'air with you but due to poor planning I just couldn't manage due to time constraints. For some strange reason I thought that 12th night was next week. I discovered that this was not the case 2 days before New years eve and then panic kind of struck...

So two days before New years eve I cut out all the parts for the outer shell and I dearly thanked the gods that the lining and the front was already finished. And that the petticoat only needed the back waist finished. Then I started a sewing maraton race that I never want to do again. But I did manage and I had something to wear at 12th night ball. It was a great evening and I had so much fun!

On with the pictures, shall we (they are all taken by Isiswardrobe, who also did my hair):

I have no idea why I always make so strange faces in photographs...this time I really manged to do a "you're so below me" face :P

When I realized my time was running out I omitted the ruched and pinked decorations that I planned to have running down the robings and on the stomacher piece. I also sewed the comperes front shut to create a plain stomacher instead. And I only put on the biggest of the three sleeve cuffs. I was a bit irritated at first that I had no decorations, but now when I look at it I think I will keep it like it is. (But make some minor alterations so the inside looks a bit better). And maybe add another row of lace to peek out in the sleeves?

I'm quite satisfied with the back, but the weight of the fabric really pulls it down at the neck. I have no idea how to solve it though :/

I think what I like the most with the whole ensemble is the petticoat. I love the stripes, the rustle, the shine. I originally planned for it to have a pinked ruffle of plain light blue fabric at the bottom. There was no time for it for 12th night but I can always add it later. But a part of me likes it the way it is too...
What do you all think, pinked ruffle or no ruffle?

I like this photo even though I manage to do a strange face here too ;)

Here you can see more of my make up.I went for super pale but not stark white. I first covered up my very red nose (it was almost -20 degrees Celsius that night) and other red areas with a green concealer. Then I covered my dark circles under the eye with a pink one and finally I applied a quite generous amount of white mineral foundation. On top of that I put a thin layer of a pearly white eyeshadow to give that fashionable and polished, shiny look. The rouge is a really pigmented pink mineral one and I brushed it quite generously on the apple of my cheeks and dabbed it sparingly above my eyes.I have a wine colored lipstick on but on this picture most of it is gone.

The good thing with not having any decorations on this outfit is that I now have 3 yards of light blue silk taffeta that needs a project. I think I will use some for a matching wide brimmed hat and the rest for a jacket....we'll see what I come up with.



  1. Din frisyr är mycket tjusig och det blå tyget (som jag inte sett förut, eller inte minns) finner jag väldigt vackert. Fint, med andra ord!

  2. Lady A >>
    Tack så mycket!
    Det blå tyget finns postat tidigare i bloggen men ihop med en massa andra tyger så det syns dåligt :)

  3. I don't envy you your sewing marathon, but the dress turned out very pretty.

    Perhaps one could do something about the too heavy back if the front is properly attached and not pinned?

  4. Isis >>
    Yes, It was worth the marathon in the end, but never again. I want my things to made in peace and harmony.

    Yes, I have also come to that conclusion. I will use the pictures of me in the gown as a guide and attach it properly to the comperes fronts. And add the missing backlacing.

    The Dreamstress >>
    Thank you :) I do have a thing for damask...I actually bought a 2,7 m piece of pink cotton damask with a similar pattern :P
    I think I will make a jacket out of it :)

  5. Absolutely! SO much more fun!

    I think that may solve it. My pet-en-l'air is fairly heavy too, and don't seem to sag much, but then the lining is rather sturdy and fit well.

  6. Lovely! You also did a fantastic job on your hair~