Sunday, September 7, 2014

Rescued and Resurrected #1

 Black roses and stripes!

So this is the first post that goes in to the Rescued and Resurrected (henceforth called RR in texts) category.So what is RR then, you might ask?

Well, that's my name for refashion, up cycling etc. I sometimes find clothes, accessories and such in thrift shops (or ordinary shops, but that's rare) and  see how awesome they could be with some modifications. Or sometimes I find something made out of a fabulous material but I don't know right away what it will become. If the price is right, I buy them. Then they end up into my RR-bin until I get the time/inspiration to resurrect them.  Clothes from my own wardrobe that falls victim for my style changes might also end up in the RR-bin if I still like the material they are made of. For me this is a way to save money and also make sure that I have truly unique wardrobe. So now with further ado, here are two RR items that I wore to a wedding in august:

Sadly, I was in a hurry when I altered these clothes so I have no "before photos" or images from the making the magic happen.

The blouse is a silk knit I got from a acquaintance wardrobe cleaning. It had a rather modest and boring V neck before I hit it with my scissors and sewing machine. I used the neckline from this vintage pattern, Simplicity 2511. I had some problems with the knit stretching all over the place so I stabilized it with a selvedge strip from a thin cotton twill. It still lost it's shape a bit so I also had to do small tucks in the corners.
The thin border is actually a crochet beading lace, laced with black satin ribbon, the lace I had in the stash but I had to buy some ribbon. The rose buttons that I sewed on the corners and also made earrings and a brooch of came out of the stash ( It's great to be a button hoarder, I tell you ;) )

The skirt was found in a bin marked "all clothes here, 30 SEK (4$)". It's made of a rather flimsy polyester but the stripe and the shape caught me. As frequent readers of this blog know, I have a total crush on stripes.
It originally had a absolutely horrid lining made of even more nasty polysester that the outer skirt kind of clinged to. It looked awful, the sad thing. I ripped pout the lining and hocus pocus, I had a fabulous 50's skirt, the only thing it needed was for me to wear a petticoat underneath :)

I got tons of compliments at the venue and I felt fabulous in it!


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