Wednesday, August 27, 2014


A lot has happened in my life that has kept me from blogging.
To keep it short and not bore you all with gruesome details I had a break down over my life situation that cast me into a depression. I managed to pull through and have now made a big change in my life, I've gone back to school. I'm studying to be and fine arts and slöjd*  teacher for junior high school. I'm starting my second year the first of September.

It was a tough decision to make and it's getting tougher because when spring arrives my college fund that the state is offering (student loan + fincial aid) is running out which means that I have to juggle work,study and somehow have some spare time. But I will pull though somehow because now I'm determined to get a "proper" job, damnit.

One thing that I have missed during all this time is blogging. It's not that I don't sew it's just that I don't only sew 18th century. I've branched out into new era,1890 to 1908 and I'm also working on my mundane wardrobe (late 1940's to eraly 1960's)  and some custom work for clients. So instead of splitting all of these different subjects up in different blogs, I'm making this blog more of a sewing blog. I hope this might inspire me to write more often. I'm also planning to start carrying a notebook with me so I can scribble down all blog post ideas I get when I commute (wich I do more or less four hours a day) which might help me to actually get the blog posts in here instead of just scrambling around in my head.

Since the blog will have more topics now, I will rework the way I use tags. They will be sorted after eras and then tagged with a specific item (like this-18th century:petticoat, vintage wardrobe:hats, edwardian:jewellry etc, custom made: corsets and so on). The tags follow the titles of the lists that help me organize my sewing and hopefully this will make it easier for me to blog and easier for you to keep track of the diffrent subjects in the sidebar.

This means that I will have to go back though all my old posts and retag them, I'm not sure how blogger will react to this but If something behaves strangely in your feed you now know why.

I hope you all still want to follow my endeavours, even if this blog is no longer the18th century focused blog it used to be.

As a reward to all of you who read though this long text only blog post, here is David Bowie with a song to cheer you all up ;)

Best Regards

*slöjd - it's a Swedish word that are hard to explain. Craft is the only word I can find in English but the word slöjd means more than just knowing the skill to do something. It's about passion, inspiration and enjoying the process as much as it is about the ability to make something.