Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bad mood

Today is not a good day. I'm so angry at myself because I lost an ebay auction for the prettiest fan frame ever and I lost it with 4$. It feels so damn...evil. Why and why didn't I put in more money in the bid before I got to bed?

I really liked the frame because it was made of ebony with really pretty carvings and gilding, nice curvy shapes and everything. And it was big enough to pass for an 18th fan. And the frame was totally intact, no broken sticks. The only thing broken on the fan was the fabric.

I really hope another good frame will show up, because I really, really would like to make myself my own fan. I found a good 1770 fan that I can borrow some design elements from and settled on a color scheme and on the motifs. It's only the frame that's missing.

I've found another frame today on ebay but I don't know If there are any way to fix the two broken sticks on it:
Fan frame on ebay (it's the biggest one in the lot).

I feel so silly, I'm so upset over this that I feel like crying and that's ridiculous. To cry over a god damn fan :(


  1. Aww! *Trösta.*
    Men det kommer nya, du får försöka tänka så. Det är kanske svårt just nu, men det blir nog bättre senare.

  2. Boo :-( Missing out on auctions when I could have bought the item really bugs me too. At least you live somewhere where you have a ghost of a change of finding good fan frames!

  3. Oh no, that's irritating! :(

    Regarding this current auction: I'm by no means an expert on antique fans AT ALL so take it for what it's worth, but I wouldn't be surprised if the smallest paper fan is really old, maybe even 18th c? The shape of the sticks look much like the ones one my 18th c fan. Could be very interesting, but you need a second opinion of course XD

  4. Åhå, ytterligare en beundrare av 1700-talets charmiga stil och lekfullhet ! :) Så roligt att ha hittat hit.

    Angående auktionen du missade på ebay, jag förstår precis den där känslan och can think of even less to cry for. Inte ska du känna dig fånig för att du blev ledsen över det. Jag hoppas dock att något nytt comes along istället, maybe something even better?