Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's MINE!

It was a hard bidding fight, but I finally won the fabulous fabric for 450 SEK!
So now I got 9. 75 m (= 10.6 yards) of pink striped silk goodness!
The only caveat is the with of it, it's only 90 cm but I can make an "polonaised" anglaise with shorter over skirt. I've seen it done in both extant garments and in fashion plates from the time :P
Weee I really need to finish my blue outfit so I can start this one!



  1. Congratulations!

    For my striped not-a-polonaise I used 10 mtrs of 90 cm width fabric and that was well enough for both gown and petticoat!

  2. Thank you :)

    Ah, but the stripes on my fabric is running horizontal. So if I want a petticoat with stripes running length wise I can only get 90 cm skirt length...and I have looong legs :)

  3. Oh how wonderful that you got the fabric!!

    I know it doesn't really fit with your design, but I know I've seen a French fashion plate where all the stripes of the gown run horizontal instead of vertical...but I've never seen anyone actually do it. Of course now that I'm looking for it I can't actually find that image...

  4. Mantuamaker >>
    My design ideas is never written in stone:)
    If you find the plate I'd love to see it!

  5. So I found the image...the gown is much fuller and flouncier than your design, but is a good example how once and awhile horizontal stripes where in if I only could find and extant gown with them I would be very happy.

  6. Mantuamaker >>

    Oh, my that was frilly galore :D
    I used to be a Gothic Lolita before and even those dresses are that frilly :P

    But it is very pretty. My french is not so very good anymore but is it a correct assumption that the white parts of the dress are made of silk gauze?