Thursday, October 15, 2009

My shopping finger is itching....

Fantastic fabric
I'm so has "striped anglaise with pulled up skirt" written all over it.
But it looks like it might be a dupion fabric which is not so good.
What to do, what to do ?

I'm going to ask the seller about the width and weight and see what he/she says. But almost 10 m of fabric for 250 SEK...its a great price.
I'm having crazy ideas of matching it with a black/white striped fabric and make that cutaway dress from the Marie Antoinette documentary I've been blabbing about before.
Like so:

And here is a (quick) sketch of the gown in question:
The idea is to use the black/white in the petticoat and main part of the bodice and the pink/purple in the top layer. At the back it will have two buttons for looping up the skirt. I have not decided if I should go with 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves yet.

Another Update:
Spoke with the seller and the fabric is only 90 cm wide and it's striped horizontally and not vertical. That means that if I want to have the stripe vertical I must cut it on the width grain and not the length grain. That's OK with me, it's the lining of the garment that takes the strain but 90 cm is not long enough to get a over skirt that reaches too the floor and with a train as I had planned for my anglaise :/
But I have deciced to buy the fabric anyway :D

I will either make a real polonaise jacket like the one in Cut of womens clothing ormaybe make the 1770's "polonaise" in Kvinnligt mode or maybe a striped short jacket (also from Kvinnligt mode) with a peplum and matching petticoat with ruffle.


  1. OOOOOooo! My two cents: if it's pretty and has 18th c goodness written all over it, and it's silk, even dupioni silk, then GO FOR IT! if the price is right...

  2. My favourite gown is made from striped dupion and I don't give a damn because it's gorgeous! So if I were you, I'd go for it if you really love the fabric (which IS very yummy...)

    But it all boils down to personal preference, principles and how hardcore accurate you wish to be, of course :)

  3. Have you read my post on 'historically accurate' fabrics?

    I think if you love the fabric, you should buy it. It will make you happy to wear it, and it is no less historically accurate than a lot of fabrics we use that do past the arbitrary snark tests.

  4. I think you should go for it! It would make a fantastic gown!