Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Done some shoppping

Today I was in Stockholm and did some shopping, my main reason for going was the fact that one big fabric store are closing this Sunday and they had 50% off on everything in the store. I was hoping to score some twill to use as corset linings for my corset line (my day job is a designer and producer of my own fetish brand) but all the twill had already gone. I'm not surprised, they started their sale a couple of weeks ago.
I did however score a perfect fabric for making myself a cute bum roll and it cost me only 15 SEK :)

I also visited Old Touch, a fabulous vintage store and got some very pretty embellishments. I finally ended my journey at IKEA and bought 2,85 m of the now infamous ANNELI fabric. Well, enough with boring text now and on with the pictures ;)

In the front we have a sturdy cotton fabric. It's a herringbone twill weawe and the stripes are also wowen. It's pure white and red, the light was not so good when I took the picture. In the background whe have ANNELI in black, I will use it as lining in the red velvet pierrot I have plans for.

Next are a couple of silk roses who need a little steam to get back in shape, they're a bit crusched from lying in a big pot in the store. I have not decied wich goes where yet but one or two of them will go on the wide brimmed straw hat that I've made as soon as I get it covered with fabric.

And last we have these ostrich plumes. There are two pink ones and one purple. I'm not so fond of the purple and the pink stuck together so I will take it a part and use them on different hats. The pink ones will probably end up on my tricorn and I think that the little jewelled buckle will serve as a front decoration on it.

I'm very pleased with todays haul. Over and out.



  1. Lovely finds. Old Touch has the most gorgeous ostrich plumes (if only I had the money..!)

    Out of curiosity: which fabric store was closing?

  2. Vackra tyger och plymerna är ju helt underbara!

  3. Mme Berg>>
    I have a ostrich budget tip for you:
    The fabric store thats closing is Tygvaruhuset. They had a lovely wool there that I was very tempted to buy and make a riding habit out of but I've decided to focus of the pretty side of my wardrobe first ;)
    They also had a good selection of dupion for quite cheap (99,50/M).

  4. Lady A >>
    Tack. Ifall du åker till Stockholm så måste du ta dig till Old Touch. Det är en underbar affär :) MIna plymer var små så jag fick knippet för 75 kr vilket jag tyckte var helt överkomligt :)

  5. LOL, that's awesome! Who would have guessed (re: the feathers).

    Oh, I only went there once, since it's a little off. But our sewing machine was bought there that one time and it's still good :)

  6. Jag tog en tur till Stockholm här i augusti och jag var faktiskt förbi Old Touch (Madame Berg hade tipsat mig). Plymerna såg jag ju, men just då var min fokus inställd på inhandlandet av böcker. Därför höll jag i pengarna och väntade till jag kommit in på ett mysigt antikvariat.

  7. Passade på att åka förbi Tygvaruhuset efter jobbet, det var rätt urplockat men nu var det 70% på allt. Hittade lite fina tyger och fyllde på i min tygsamling. Inte för att jag behöver mer tyg - men det var ju 70% rea!! :-)