Thursday, July 16, 2015

A post that's long over due...

So, in my last post I was almost finished with my outfit for the May event and then I went AWOL from the blog, again. The last trebmling months of spring and the first month of summer has kept me busy,busy, busy. But now I've chiselled out some time for the blog and finally can show off my Edwardian outfit, that I'm very pleased with. Lots of images and more info after the jump, as usual.

So, let's start with how my outfit looked at the beginning:
It was passable at best, and I was not pleased with it. I'm wearing a modern blouse, the hat is "meh" and the skirt fits me badly.

This is what my outfit looked like after I made a proper blouse and jacket, refitted the skirt, made a real belt instead of just adding a yoke to the skirt and gave the hat a make over:
 Much better, don't you think?
I was and still am totally smitten with this outfit. I felt super pretty in it, it was comfortable to wear both in the sun, wind and rain (we had all of those that day) and my vintage boots that you can see peeking out under my skirt worked well for my slightly deformed feet. (I have hallux vulgus, and that usually makes wearing heels and pointy shoes impossible but these works, yay!)

Close up and a better view of the accessories (and the linen lining of my jacket, thanks to the wind ;) ):

The earrings, centre piece of the necklace and belt buckle are all built out of some cheap costume jewellery earrings that I scored a couple of years ago. The green stones are made of faceted plastic. I painted them with several layers of a half transparent mother of pearl nail polished and finished them of with one layer of UV-reactive transparent nail polish. The final result is stones that looks like faceted opals. It's a bit hilarious that vocering plastiv with several layers of more plastic makes it look less plastic....

The jacket is from Frances Gimbles book Edwardian Modiste and it was my first try of scaling up a pattern from the book. The process was super easy, surprisingly fast and the fit was OK with some tweaking so I highly recommend her books!

To achieve the Gibson girl hair, I first bought two of the biggest hair doughnuts I could find, cut them apart to form two big sausages and then pinned them on slanting backwards and then just pinned my pin curled hair over them. I did not brush them out first. My friend Johanna helped me with this, but I think I can do this myself too, but probably with aching arms ;)
I really loved this hairstyle, being an old goth, big hair is always awesome ;)

When I got home from the event, I decided to take some photos to show more of the blouse and my beloved Sanakor corset.
I love this look too, with only the blouse and skirt. It's classy and pretty.

And finally, here is a quick peek of my Sanakor. This is the most comfortable corset I've ever worn, it's gives surprisingly good bust support, amazing S-shape and it's so darn cute. (and yes I'm cheating and wearing a modern slip under it, I ran out of time but proper combinations are going to get made, eventually):

Me and my beloved BF made a photoshoot the following day, so I will be back with better pictures of the corset, I promise.

And here are bonus pic, a selfie that I took in the first class carriage of one of the historical train:

Bye for now


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  1. You look wonderful! Such an improvement from last year! :D