Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I found a pair of shoes...

So I found these darlings on a Swedish auction site called Tradera. They are made of a dark burgundy suede, have quite a heel and the perfect construction for remodelling into a pair of 18-th century look a likes.
My only concern is that I feel a bit evil to remodel something that's already so pretty...
And that they are a lot more high heeled than I'm used to (I'm usally a dr. marteens and sneakers kind of girl). I have worn heels like this before, but they had a platform deisgn wich made them much easier to walk in. But I have plenty of time to learn ;)Lägg till bild
Here are some more pictures of them from different angles:

I have'nt decided yet if I should redress them in black velvet or blue velvet. The black veriosn would make the a perfect "go with anything" shoes, but the blue would look stunning togheter with my outfit.

All those decisions!


  1. Cute shoes! I can't even allow myself to think about modifying shoes because there is so much for me to do. But they are great and dare I say it....you wouldn't even need to modify them at all.

  2. Oh, thank you for your comment.
    Well, the problem with them right now is that they have completely wrong color. The photots are a bit off color wise, they are really a dark burgundy.

  3. They are such a fantastic colour! Don't modify them - you will find other shoes that are black and blue coloured. Pink and dark burgundy are too hard to find to mess with!