Monday, August 31, 2009

Pocket progress...

Lots of posts here today but I've have lots of things to tell.
Here are my progress on the pocket so far:

Not the worlds most clear picture and the linen is very wrinkled from being carried around in my purse but anyway...
The stem on the wine and the outline of the dragon fly is made with stem stitch, and the leaves are made with satin stitch. I'm not very happy with how the leaves look, so I think I will try to make them with buillon knots instead. I work on this when I travel because I always get bored I don't have anything to do and have to sit still for hours.



  1. LOL - I love people who carry sewing in their purse! I'm so envious that you can sew while traveling. Current airplane laws mean that whenever I travel I can't have anything interesting to do :-(

  2. Ah, I just do it when I go with bus or train. I live in the country side and don't have any drivers license so I have to depend on the public transport system :)

  3. I think it will be lovely!

    Did you see the black dragonfly at Linnés garden?

  4. Isiswardrobe >>
    Thank you. I like them too. Got some more done now. It's really fun to do embroidery when you've designed the moif yourself :)
    I missed the dragonfly at Linné but we have couple in our own garden. I love how the sub glistens in their wings :)