Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm swimming in silk...

I got my silks that I ordered from B.R exports last week. The goods were absolutely fabulous and I'm so impressed by the service and the shipping speed.Five days! From India to Sweden!
Anyway, enough with boring talk and on with the pictures...

These are for the petticoat, trimmings for the pet en l'air and for covering and trim a mini tricorn that I'm planning to make. I ordered 3 yards of each. I can't wait to put my needles in these, they make a lovley rustling sound and they are so smoooth and shiny and lovely to touch on.
I also discovered that the pale blue goes very well with a red velvet that I have in my stash and that I've planned to make an 1790's pierrot of so I can wear the lovley petticoat with more than one outfit!

This isn't so exciting as the other twoo. It's just one yard of a white, thin plain silk that will be transformed into a hat lining and wide ribbon on my tricorn. On top of the silk is two samples of dupion that I was a bit curios about. I hade some ideas of making an 1780's cutaway gown with one of them but they were to slubby for my taste. It's a pity, I really liked the color combos.



  1. *drool* I love the petticoat silk!

  2. My jealousy - feel it!

    Seriously, I must make an order with them too soon, before the hard economical times come...

  3. Aloha Arhoa >>
    Thank you :)
    You have good taste :P

    Madame Berg >>
    Well, I calculated a lot before buying and discovered that the real silk was cheaper to buy than polyester faux silk at my local fabric shop...and then the decision was rather easy.


  4. *drools* I've been thinking of a rather hystercal striped taffeta they have, to make a piedmontaise of. But the evil CSN had to be payed this month, so I will have to wait...

  5. Isis >>
    Ah, I paid my hole year of CSN fees this spring with my last salary from my old job. I decided that it would be a good idea since I was unsure on how much money I was going to get for the rest of the year.

    What is a piedmontaise?

  6. Ooops, piemontaise. It's a rather late version of a saque- the pleated back is a separate piece, sewn to the shoulders. There is one in Denmark:

    Good website all over- rather a lot of patterns