Monday, August 17, 2009

My pocket

Last night inspiration struck me hard and I took a pause from sewing my petticoat (which is almost finished, I'm currently sewing the waistband on the back).
This is what was left on my drawing pad when my muse was finished with me ( I've cleaned it up in photoshop):

The design for my pocket! I found the main inspiration for the wines in a fabric from the FASHION book and the dragonflies are well...I like dragonflies. First i tried to add little bows and roses and stuff to it but then I decided that I liked it better like this. I think its beautiful in it's simplicity.

I will embroider the motif with red work technique but with medium blue button hole silk on light blue linen instead of the standard red thread on white. The linen is a left over from my petticoat, it's a bit thin so I will interline it with a heavier linen before I bind the edges and the opening with blue silk ribbon.

Tomorrow night I'm going to order the boning for my stays so until they arrive I will work on my petticoat and the pocket. I love this project!



  1. Oh - so pretty! I totally agree on the beautiful simplicity of the design. Hmm... I wasn't planning on embroidering my pockets, but you might just have changed my mind... (Does that mean I get to blame you when I'm struggling with the embroidery?)

  2. Ha, ha I'm dragging you down with me ;)
    A good tip for embroidery is to choose a design that are easy to make. Then it's easier to finish. That was my plan with this design :)

  3. That sounds like a very good plan!! Well, it'll be all your fault when I get all embroidery-y on my pockets - they were meant to be a 'simple' project...