Monday, August 31, 2009

One done, one (or two) to go...

I finished the under petticoat last Thursday, it's completely hand sewn and are made of a fine linen.
Here it is , worn over my pocket hoops:

I beg you pardon for the bad hair day and the strange facial expression :P
It's a bit funny, when I first made the hoops I thought I've might made them too small. Now I think they look freaking huge :P

I also put the buckles on my shoes just to get a feel for them and I'm quite happy with the look:

I still need to get some suede to make fake lapels and to cover the double straps and buttons but the overall look it's OK. (I have to tell you a secret, the buckles are made of 100% plastic which I discovered when I got them home but I think they look so good so I decided to stick with them anyway.)



  1. The shoes look fantastic with blue! I'm so glad you didn't change the colour!

  2. Nice one. Now hurry up and finish the dress...;p Says me who takes weeks to make a petti and I'm using a machine.

  3. Ah, blue linen! There's nothing lovelier! And the shoes look yummy too - mmm...

  4. AlohaAroha >>
    I'm really glad to. Now when I look at the pictures i think that blue shoes would have been a bit...boring :D

    Clara Florence >>
    I'm working on it, but first I need to fix my poor stays :P

    Yes, I really liked this shade. Too bad that I didn't buy more because now the store has sold out :/
    But I made the finish on this one really nice so I can use it as an outer layer if I want to.

  5. I like the way you think Lithia, getting as much mileage out of every garment possible. It's very cool...and yeah those shoes rock that colour.

  6. LOL, and when you have worn them and got used to have your "hips" bumped into everything- then you will think they are small again. ;-)