Monday, November 2, 2009

Trinkets for the Trinket box

This is a pair of earrings that I whipped together in ten minutes or so. I bought two pairs of earrings ,one pair had the bow part and one pair had the pearl drop. I cut the drops loose and put them on a new pair of hat pins that I attached to the bows.
I think they look cute and a bit Marie Antoinetteish. And they cost me only 50 SEK ( about 7$) since the earrings were on sale :D

In the background you can see a glimpse of my engagentes that are made of a very fine cotton lace. I attached them to my chemise sleeves with very big whip stitches so they are easy to take of if I need to.



  1. Too pretty! I must make something like it myself, I don't have any earrings and I just couldn't find drop-shaped pearls last time I hunted for them. But that was many months ago, maybe I'll have better luck next time.

    The lace is also beautiful, overall a very, very pretty photo!

  2. helt underbara! de är säkert fantastiska till din stil.

  3. Mdme Berg >> Thank you.
    I've seen earrings with a rosette part and a small facetted bead at KICKS. The bows are a bit small than mine but they are very pretty. I bought my earrings at Ur& Penn in Uppsala. I bet they have the same in Sthlm :)
    And yes, I'm very proud of that photo, I'm trying to learn how to work with composition etc :)

    Lady AF >>
    Tack och tack :)

    Alice A >>
    Tack! Ja, de kommer fungera både till 1700-tal och till mina retro/lolita grejer :)

  4. How cute! Now I want peraldrops too. *am copycat, obviously*

  5. gosh! theyre too cute, i want a pair too!